What can food do for your sexlife? Quite a lot it seems. Afterall, what we eat, we become. Here are a few mouthwatering foods to add to your diet!

Celery. Increases hormones in men that make their sweat attractive to potential partners. The hormone itself does not smell, but the brain perceives it nonetheless. Fascinating, huh?


Raw oysters. Yaaass honey! They contain dopamine, which increases libido. There is also a lot of zinc in oysters, essential for all that cumming… err, I mean, for testosterone production and healthy sperm.


Bananas. They contain an enzyme that supposedly increases sex drive and reverses impotence in men. Either way, they are good and they are healthy – they contain lots of B vitamins, great for extra energy.


Avocados. The glorious Aztecs and Mayas called the avocado tree for “ahuacatl” in their language Nahuatl. It translates to “tree of testicles”. I bet you’ll never look at the fruit nor the tree the same way from now on… You’re welcome. Avocado is rich in substances that increase energy levels, regulate glands and increase the right hormone levels of both men and women.


Nuts. They have plenty of omega 3 fatty acids and other good fats that also help with men’s hormone levels.  In addition, they contain zinc, selenium, and vitamin E, all helping and boosting libido, heart health, and reproduction issues.


Happy eating!


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