Continuing the post about foods to add to your diet for a better, healthier and stronger sex life!


Eggs: Both the fish and bird kind. Containing B5 and B6, which are brilliant for dealing with stress. And as we all should be well aware, less stress equals more pleasure, a relaxed mind is a playful mind. Especially for women this could make it easier to climax.

Legend has it that back in the day, tribes believed eating raw eggs before bedding their partner would make them last longer. What a shame they probably were not big on brushing their teeth first though… bahah, eww.


Liver. One of the most nutrient-packed foods, it contains amino acids, iron, a wide variery of minerals and vitamins, including A that so rapidly gets depleted in periods of stress. The blend of nutrients present in liver boosts and stabilizes the immune system, and helps the cardiovascular function as well; it can also help with memory and other vague issues related to any lack of vitamine b12; and in women it helps with fertility. Impressive, I’d say.


Figs. The ripe, wonderful little thingies that splash in your mouth with heavenly sweetness of fruit and milk… one of my all-time favorite treats. A-hem! I digress! Figs contain amino acids, increasing sex drive. They have also been used to treat sexual dysfunction back in the day, and some places this practice is still around. There are about 5 grams of fiber in each of these babies – that is a lot. So they help with tummy issues, and let’s be honest here – nobody feels sexy when bloated or constipated. They can lower cholesterol and aid in weight loss/gain depending on how they are consumed, and help prevent cancers in men and women. They can help with hypertension, so eat a few of these to get relaxed and happy… add a glass of red wine and possibly light some candles, and the mood will be purf.


Garlic! Amongst the many wonderful things these little gems of nature contain and do for us, they increase the blood supply. So, you know, great for better sex and stronger orgasms.


Dark chocolate! If you need a reason to eat chocolate, it basically makes you feel in love thanks to dopamine release and a substance called phenylethylamine, which elevates moods and can even bring on some euphoria. So a great mood setter, wink wink. Dark chocolate contains loads of antioxidants, which is good for the immune system, which is good for you, and in turn, great for your long-term sex life. It makes blood flow easier to those parts that need swelling in all sexes, increasing sensation, desire, and probably betters your orgasms too. It also acts as a bit of a stimulant, giving you the energy you need for all those changes in position! The darker the chocolate the better the benefits, but for heaven’s sake just live a little… eat whatever makes you happy, happiness in and of itself is sexy!


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