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I have had quite a few encounters in my life with different cultures between the sheets amongst other places, and, in my case, both men and women. I am starting off this little series as a homage to those countries and people. This series will absolutely generalize and offer my point of view, but I am quite certain my readers are such brilliant individuals that they know it is written with love, although a bit rough around the edges and with few filters. ūüėČ

First off, stunning Norway, the place the phenomenom SKAM originated from.

Norwegian people¬†are quite fun… They just oftentimes don’t really know it themselves before they have had a few drinks! The sex culture in this particular country is quite different from a lot of other places; They are not as governed by religion and doomsday morals as a lot of other countries. Their sexuality is fluid, in the open, and mostly quite accepted. They have sex clubs, gay bars, pride parades and a quite open and accessible scene for kinksters of all sorts. And possibly best of all, women are not as shamed here as they are other places for being independently acting on their wants and needs. You aren’t quite celebrated for “fucking around”, but you certanly aren’t shunned either. In a lot of ways, feminism has come a long way in the liberation of the sexes in this country, although there obviously still is a lot that needs working on. But I digress.

Most Norwegians are quiet, coldish and keep to themselves. Somewhat depending on whether you are in a big city, like the capital, Oslo, or out in the country side, people are generally suspicious and mistrusting of strangers. Polite, yes, but cold. People visiting this country have even wrote books about these observations. No matter where you set foot in this country people act a little bit different than most other places. See, Norwegians aren’t really used to being touchy-feely and greeting everybody they meet and making smalltalk! In the big cities, it is even normal not to know your neighbours no matter how long you have lived next to them. If you get on a bus, you will see a row of double seats occupied by one person per double. They will rather stand than to sit close to a stranger, thus being “in their space”… They are very private people. Perhaps the cold weather and long periods of dark shape their personalities?


Everything changes, however, if you add two magic ingredients to your common Norwegian: Alcohol and sun. It’s indeed like a spell. They will suddently stop being shy, and instead become outrageously social, outgoing, and talkative. They can even be the heart of the party! However the spell doesn’t last for too long. If the sun lasts too long, they get irritable that it’s too warm, and given too much alcohol, they react adversely to that too, puking or starting fights or passing out.

The sex culture

Most Norwegian hookups and one night stands happen during the hours of intoxicated spell. Most arrangements that then go on after being intoxicated, like friends with benefits, start with being drunk first. It is completely accepted that love is not a necessary part of the equasion: Maybe due to the Norwegian nature, wishing to keep their options open for returning to their secluded lives and having their freedom in all things.

In bed, these people are fun. In my experience, most are open minded about things others would consider taboo. Especially the younger generations experiment with kinky sex, as this study also shows.¬†Since they aren’t really afraid of being judged, and they always could blame being drunk, they have a sense of freedom a lot of other nationalities lack. In comparison to hot-blooded people however, they sometimes lack the passion and dramatic flair a lot of other countries have, and they also don’t have as many expectations after. They are more mechanical, technical, and practical. Hook-ups are not about love-making, they are about instant gratification, and you wouldn’t stick around for breakfast after a night of wild fucking.

It’s more the exception than the rule that hook-ups lead to any sort of romance. However when these people fall in love, they mostly do so hard, and although the divorce rate is high in this country as well, most breakups are amicable and fairly easily resolved. Coparenting is usual. And although the typical Norwegian stranger might be a bit stand-offish at first, when you get to know them well (if they warm up to you after some time) they are generally a loyal, fun, open-minded friend that will travel far and have a lot of knowledge about the world and themselves. They are free thinkers, allow others to be that as well, and that in and of itself is absolutely wonderful and so needed in today’s world!


With the stereotypical blondish, blue-eyed and slim people, with the majestic, mostly clean nature dominating this country and the low number of inhabitants in the land; this country is quite magnificient and should be on your bucket list. And on that note, all I can say is hooray for Norway! Hurra for Norge <3


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