If you are already fairly familiar with anal play, you know the learning curve never really ends. However, if you are new to anal, you probably have a hundred and ten questions about how to go about it and what to expect. Fret not, I have got you covered. Here are 10 things to consider when enganging in anal:

  • Make sure to have gone to the toilet, showered, and asked yourself whether anal really is something you want to try. If you are doing this because someone else wants to or is pressuring you, don’t even consider it.
  • Don’t worry about it getting messy. It absolutely can, like all sex, and it might be quite gross. But who cares as long as you are having fun? As a precaution you might not want to use your finest bedding, and consider having babywipes close by so potential grossness can be wiped away as they are pulling out.
  • Take your time. Never, ever, ever rush penetration, especially not when it comes to anal! You do not want to get hurt, and if you rush this, you absolutely can and will. Badly so.
  • Use lube. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who just sort of become a lube factory by themselves, always use lube. Not to get in faster, but to make things go smoother.
  • Make sure to be properly excited and horny first. If it is your first time, I would advice to engage in other activity first, not just foreplay. Have an orgasm or two first.
  • Start massaging the outer aerea first. Slowly, and only as guided by the one being penetrated, move inwards. Put the point of the head towards the anal opening and ever so gently push, in a more staccato and slow going motion than a gliding one. You do not want to get in too fast and the first obstacle is getting beyond the sphincter.
  • Stimulate multiple areas, ie. if the one being penetrated has a vagina, stimulate the clit. If the one being penetrated has a penis, stimulate that/the balls. Stimulate nipples.
  • The one being penetrated is the one who is in total control. You have to be certain you are both aware of this fact. Whatever the penetrated party says, is law, and the other must abide by it. There is no arguing here. Take as many pauses and stops and start over as many times as you feel necessary.
  • As soon as the head is in, stop, breathe, get used to the sensation. Slowly slide in, and then, only then, if both agree, you can up the tempo and enjoy the ride!
  • Anal isn’t by everybody’s taste, but it is for everyone. By that I mean that women and men have nervendings and glands that when aroused and stimulated, can produce wonderful orgasms. So people with vaginas and cocks out there: YES, you can get an orgasm from anal, and yes, it is deliciously glorious!

And one last thing: Don’t even think about going from anal to any other sort of putting-it-in sex without thoroughly washing whatever has been used in anal sex. If you’ve had your penis in her ass, that penis needs to be washed or it will fall off. Promise. Scaretacticts aside, the truth is nobody wants to get sterile or get a nastyassed infection (yeah, I couldn’t resist that pun).


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