Introducing the The Deep V

The Deep V, as I always have called this sexposition, goes by many names. The Victory sexposition, Spread Legs, Winged coitus, The Stand Off, and the list goes on. Anyway! I think everybody should know it simply because of its delightful simplicity and multipurpose. It is very easy to use it as a main act, just as easily as it is to integrate into multiple steps with other sexpositions for a seamless act of movements. It is one that gives a great deal of penetration, plenty of room for stimulating multiple erogenous areas, and there is a great deal of intimacy if you so should choose. It is suited for couples of all sexes. The Deep V will not  likely make you cramp up and tire out very fast.

Physical guide
In this position the pentrated part is lying on their back, with their legs spread open. Their partner is leaning over after the receiving partner has position their legs. The receiving partner can hold their knees with their hands, while the giving party can stimulate other erogenous parts. If you want to make this an equal workout of bliss, the one lying down can push with their legs as their partner is pumping out, while relaxing their legs when they are going back in. For a woman who’s lying down, it is highly beneficial to work the kegel muscles as well as working the legs while giving that clit a serious rub-down. Getting an orgasm will be quite easy this way.

Romantic version of this sexposition
The one penetrating can caress their partner’s body, kiss just about everywhere on their partner’s legs, face, what have you. The one receiving can caress their partner’s head and chest area as well as their back or fondle them all the while maintaining eye contact. The receiving party can easily adjust how deep the penetration is by adjusting the width they hold their legs. This is a great position to cradle your partner and feel totally symbiotic with them whilst still getting airflow between your bodies!

I love this position when I am lying down in my Boudoir on wonderful bedding with flowerpetals all around me, indulging my senses with some aromatic scents from my wonderful humidifier, and having candles burning all across the room. I love the feeling of melting with my partner, gazing into their eyes, and yet not sweat to death… Ha

Dirty version of this sexposition
This position gives great control to the one giving by leaning the upper body up a bit and taking a more vertical stance. By holding their receiving partner’s legs they can decide how far in they want to go, there is easy access to chokingplay, whipping of both party’s chests, the receiving party’s genital area, and face. Great position for humiliation, as you can pin your partner down and see every expression of delightful pain cross their face. And for those who delight in spitting in your partner’s face as a part of humiliation, this is an ideal position.

Equally this is a great position to control your partner if you are lying down. I love being in my Dungeon fucking in this position the days I feel like being lazy, whilst wearing a naughty costume, punishing my partner’s chest with a whip or my nails when he isn’t thrusting hard or consistently enough by my liking. Preferrably he is wearing nippleclamps and he is working me with a collar around his neck, wich I am controlling with a tight leash. I love seeing the eyes of a hardworking man… so I love gagging him, to make his eyes bulge just a little more. Ah, the sweet sound of muffled panting.

Compatibility with vaginal and/or anal penetration
This position is equally easy to use with vaginal and anal penetration alike. Also a great bonus for the ones who like to nut especially on their partner’s belly, but also chest and face.

With love,

Picture of sexposition: from Bad Girls Bible

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