Sex story for the month of May: A late night’s rendez-vous

She was tipsy. Well, let’s face it, she was possibly a lot more than just slightly tipsy. She was aboslutely drunk, off her ass. She giggled. She was such a bad girl. She shouldn’t have been drinking even, school was not out and she still had classes to attend in the morning that were important for her final exams. She grimaced. Everything about her life was about duty and being responsible. But not tonight. She was the wildest of wild girls. She literally could feel the freedom all around her. She was the imbodiment of a risktaker. And tonight, she was horny af. She looked through her contacts on her phone. But she couldn’t see straight. So she went directly to his house instead.

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She rang his doorbell. Once, even twice. She leaned a little on the doorbell just for effect. His gorgeous face popped grinning out of the window in the floors above her. He looked like he had a twin, and that’s when she realized she really was drunk. Oh, the sex would be awesome in this state! He waved and said he was coming down.

She saw his feet as he came down the stairs. Then some naked legs and a boxer and… oh, that delightful sixpack on that boy, and those chiseled cheeks with those perfect, intense green eyes! Goddamn was she going to rip off that useless piece of garment he was wearing! He opened the door and she leaned in on him and said softly in his ear, “I. Want. Cock. Now. Me and you are gonna have a wild one night stand, we are”. She stared as steadily and directly as she could into his eyes, she meant business. He better know it.

He snorted out a short laughter. “Yeah, I bet you do, love”, he said, “Are we a tad drunk now are we?” She beamed at him and grabbed his cock. He lifted her swiftly by her buttcheeks, swung her over his shoulders and carried her up the stairs. She tried to protest, “I can walk you know!”, only to feel an even tighter grip around her ankles. So there she was, hanging over his shoulder like a sack of drunken potatoes, looking at the stairs beneath her that seemed to spiral ever so slightly more than usual. He then rushed into the apartment, shut the door with a kick, and roughly dumped her on the bed. It was so comfy. And familiar. She had been here a few times before.

He brought her a glass of water, which he demanded she drink. While she did so, he undressed her. His fingers gently unbottoned every piece of clothing she was wearing. He even folded her Prada jacket and put it on the table. She sluggishly praised him for his gentleness. He smiled broadly at her, and said, “what gentleness, love?” and jumped her little pussy like a predator. She exclaimed in delight and surprise as his tongue worked his magic on her, and she squealed. She was so wet… and horny… and ready to explode, she just wanted release so badly! She thrust her hips in his face, squishing his head harder against her pussy. He pushed her gently down back on the bed, and said something that left her puzzled: “There, there. You don’t usually get away with this much bossing around, love. You’re just drunk and get a free pass tonight, because you came back here.” She didn’t really care whatever he could have meant, because she saw that wonderful cock of his emerge from his knickers and she almost started quivering in delight.

He slid in, and she screamed in extacy. That first slide was always the best, when her pussy walls expanded to accomodate something so big. His cock was huge for her tight little pussy, and that first push was always the one giving her the most goosebumps. After that her vag always stretched out nicely and even could take a fisting, but she never lost her firmness. “Kegels are the best”, she muttered sounding like a delusional sailor, and as he started to thrust intensily into her she got into that mid-dream state where nothing mattered but the sensations and the pleasure. Everything around her seemed to be made out of cotton wool and the colors blended into a beautiful mess of light and sensation and pleasure and light and sensation and …. ooooooh. She screamed out, feeling her body tensing and twitching. “Right there, oh please don’t stop”, she said panicky, “I need so desperately to cum”. He obeyed her and she felt the sweet release of the orgasm ride her body like some sort of magic ridding her of some sort of constraint. It felt delicious. And she passed out.

“Love, wake up. Wake up, you drunken imbecile”, she heard a familiar voice saying. He was laughing and stroking her hair. “NO! I don’t want to wake up, fuck you.” She opened her eyes for a split second, the morning light rushing in, and therefore immediately regretting it as she felt the slam of hangover hitting her temples and eyesockets. “What time is it, where am I, ugh, what are you doing in my bed”, she said under her breath. “Oh for fuck’s sake, love, this again?” he said, sounding way too amused for some random dude. She opened her eyes tryingly again, just to see where she was. She was home allright. Then it dawned upon her. Her freaking wild night out and her insanely risqué one night stand from yesterday was her own sweet live-in-boyfriend. She had one of those now. It had only been three years, so she kind of should have remembered. Well, so much for being wild, what on earth did that tequila do to her? She threw a pillow at him but it didn’t even hit. “Total miss there, love, don’t strain yourself”, he laughed at her. “You’re dumb”, she said sheepishly. “Well you’re actually the dumb one, but I love you for it”, he said and brought her breakfast in bed. She adored him even more.

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