I adore summer!

There is nothing that makes me feel happier than being half-naked, having hot sex in great weather, and feeling the sun on my skin. There is something magical about being able to stay up late; Seeing all the wonderful colors on the sky, smelling the scents from all the flowers filling the air, having all the time in the world as the sun shines for ever. And of course, there’s the whole cuddling up to someone-part mixed in all of the above. Ah, sweet sweet life.

Some people say it gets too hot for getting down and nasty when the sun is beating down. To the naysayers I hate to break it to ya: you’re not being creative enough! 😉 Here are some of the reasons why sex in the summer is the best in my opinion:

  • So few clothes, such easy access. For real, that alone is worth it all.
  • …all those sexy clothing options!
  • Sex outdoors. Like literally everywhere.
  • Sex in showers. It is so satifying and so fun. The feeling of the shower on my back and being wet all the right places is simply delicious.
  • Sweating. I actually like it! No need to be self conscious about it. It is healthy, helping with releasing toxins, and besides: what is better than hitting the shower and get cuddly after some nice love-making?
  • Romance in the summer is so easy to pull off. You can literally grab a blankie and some candles and make any place a romatic one.
  • Sex by any body of water. And skinny dipping after. Refreshing, fun, and simply the best.
  • Vacations and holiday sex, because nothing is as good for your sexlife as enjoying life and being relaxed.

All the best,



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