Yay moms!

Without them, we would literally not exist. They have endured labour pains, woddled through life for 9 months, and had their bodies change and had us hanging from their sore nips for a long long time – and then they have fed us, taught us, loved us, and cared for us. Moms are awesome.

The Sexshesaid Crew has gotten a Buy 3 get 1 free- sale going over at the shop. You should check it out, there’s loads of styles to choose from for yourself and for a momma. Maybe your mom, someone’s mom, or a soon-to be mom. Or maybe you just want to spoil yourself or a girlfriend and make the most out of a sale. I ain’t got my judging pants on today, so you go ahead and do whatever you please.

With lots of love,



PS: To those of you who don’t have a mom, have a bad relationship with yours, or generally feel like this day sucks, I am sorry. I know there are many of you out there and if you want to, I’m sending you a great big hug, even free of pity if you’d like that more. 😉

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