Orgasms: How to better yours if you have female bits

Everybody wants to have great sex and mind blowing orgasms. Orgasms not only make you feel good, but they also release such a cocktail of feel good chemicals in your brain your whole body benefits. But what does it take to truly get great orgasms from sex? Here is a list of five things you can do to better your ohhhhs.

  • This one is a personal favorite of mine, it works like a charm and I have never really heard others talk about it: Focus on your g-spot. Like, with your mind, focus on your g-spot. Squeeze that cock with your muscles every time he exits and enters you, and while you rub your clit, focus on your g-spot. This trick will give you stronger orgasms and might possibly even make you squirt. Pretty awesome, huh?


  • Kegel excercises. Yes, I am sure you have heard it before, but the reason for that is it actually works. By making your pelvic floor muscles stronger, not only does your vajayjay get tighter so you actually feel more. You will also be better at grabbing that penis when it is inside you, and you will increase the amount of blood pumped around your nether regions. That equals more sensation, which in turn makes it easier to climax. And the stronger the muscles, the stronger the contractions – the stronger the orgasms. An orgasm is in essence a series of contractions.


  • While having sex, engage your muscles down there! Squeeze that cock. you will feel loads more and by enganging your whole being, you will get loads more stimulation in the right spots.


  • According to a study done by Hormones and Behaviour, more oxytocin will equal better orgasms. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone. It’s what makes cuddling, kissing, and all of those activities so good. You know that cuddly, warm fuzzy feeling you get when you are in love and the person you are in love with hugs you? Yeah. That’s the oxytocin high. So, cuddle more, have your partner massage you, engage in foreplay. A lot.


  • Delay your orgasm! When you are about to orgasm, pause a bit. Do it as many times as you possibly can before giving in. The orgasm that comes will be loads stronger.

Wish you a very orgasmy day!


2 thoughts on “5 tips for stronger orgasms

  1. Wow freakin’ love these tips!! Thanks! Tried and definitely succeeded with the one that was your favorite, that focus thing, the first tip. Blew my mind, I have never even squirted before and the orgasm was really strong! So delighted haha. Please write a piece on squirting! Love your blog. You have a new fan 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you so much for the feedback!! 🙂 So happy you enjoyed this in more ways than one 😉 hahha! 🙂 and yeah I know, isn’t that just the best tip ever? haha! 😉


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