So I hope you are all enjoying summer! I have recently discovered the joy of pinterest (I know, I know, such a late bloomer). Therefore I now have an account and you can follow me in the link above. Anyway: Here are my top five favorite items from my shop this far. Enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you think!

This Babydoll with panties

babydoll sexy pretty cheap lingerie bargain bargain cheap lingerie hot pretty

Because I love the off-shoulder look in general for summer, this is a personal favourite of mine. I quite simply adore the cuteness factor! The embroidery and sheer fabric is to die for on warmer days. The panty is even included. The price is amazing, it is only 14 USD! Get it here.


This adorable set that makes me ready for anything

FIrst of all, I love wearing stuff that makes me ready for whatever might come my way. Wearing this under my work clothes makes it perfect for me to join a spontanous trip to the docks with my friends after work; So if I feel like jumping into the water, I look sexy and ready and it hardly looks like I forgot a bikini at home. I love versatility! Second of all, I am obsessed with the color of this set…. Am I right? I love looking and feeling hot and this set absolutely delivers. Available in smaller and plus sizes. Get it here.


This super Cute G-string

I love this little gem! 🙂 It is breathable and made from a great quality cotton. I love the little bow and I adore the colors that are available. The price is such a treat, only 8 USD. Therefore it is one of my absolute favorites! Get it here.


Citronella, because bugs

citronella, natural bug repellent, essential oil, cheapcitronella, natural bug repellent, essential oil, cheap

Are you like me, who craves a fresh-smelling nevironment without chemicals? I adore the scent of citronella. It’s aroma reminds of lemon but it is slightly more herbal. It makes everything so fresh and perfect. And also, bugs. I hate bugs. Since citronella is a natural bug-repeller, I can drop wearing chemicalridden substances in order to keep the flying vampires at bay. Because these pests are so pesky, there are two you can chose from in the shop – this, 5 ml for 9 USD, and this one – 10 ml with a shelf life of three years.


This starter pack that is really good value for money

bdsm starter pack cheap lot budget whip contraint

So I love the feeling of spending little but getting a lot: Since this set contains Collar with chain, Whip, Hand Cuffs, Ankle Cuff, Eye Mask, Nipple clamps, Rope, Gag and Paddle – all included, I feel like this is the definition of good value for money! I also happen to love being creative in the bedroom. This starter pack is the ideal plaything for anybody who wants to try out BDSm, or just play with whomever. The choker and the cuffs I have actually even just worn as fashion statements. Haha! Definitely ranking high on my list of faves, get it here for only 36 USD.


So, tell me: What is your favorite item from the shop? Perhaps it’s not even listed here?

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