I have some super fun news – at least they are news to me, haha.

I recently came into contact with one of my clients, NA from nymfe.blogg.no. She writes brilliantly about life as a nymphomaniac girl. Some of her posts are hillarious, other informative. Others are about the frustrations faced with having a higher sexdrive than most. The latter are quite quite sad, really. Turns out NA and me have a lot in common.

NA was super happy with one of her purchases and contacted me via DM on Insta. Remember the flash sale we had at the Shop on this item? She had bought those undies from the Shop and from Victoria’s Secret, and did a review on them. Our item actually won. I am obviously stoked, as I have always loved the things from VS. And also, I am a sucker for compliments. Here’s the review:

I love love love this, hahah. When she says “these…. not so much”, I died. This gives me liyyyyyfe!

With love,


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