Isn’t is sad how otherwise healthy sexuality is so riddled with shame, supression and negative feelings in just about every society there is? For women as well as men, and even worse for the rest.

Think about it; we are living in 2018, and still the thought of a woman having sexual urges that she is voicing openly, is something of a faux pas. A man voicing the same is a despo. Other genders are just misfits and weirdos and even labeled criminals.

I think it is time that we all take a good deep look into ourselves and look at our own deep-rooted judgements, and see how we can be part of the solution, not the problem.

Consentual (!) sex, desire, and lust are all wonderful and healthy. We should enjoy these parts of ourselves freely – and not risk social ridicule or worse by being just human animals.

People, love yourselves! And in turn, open up to being able to love others too. Healing starts from within. Be free! ❤ Who’s with me? Share & tell me what you think; would love to hear your input on this!

With love,


/disclaimer: not a freecard for any sort of abuse whatsoever, that is not what I mean by this post just so we are clear on that 😉 And also this was originally posted on my instagram 17.9.18

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